Cutting Demonstration.

Cutting Demonstration.

STAM works with different design softwares like:

* Solid Works
* INVENTOR(includes E-drawings, DWG-Editor)
* AutoCAD
* Sigma Nest (Nesting software)
* Cadman (laser nesting software)
* Feature Cam
* Power Mill
* FARO Arm Quantum 12ft
* FARO Arm EDGE 12 ft
* CMM Sheffield RS-150 model
* MIC TRAC By Gage Maker
* Mitutoyo Optical Comparator
* Mitutoyo Durometer
* Surface Roughness Tester
* Bore gages
* Holtest

A 9 mts. (30 ft.) X 6 mts. (20 ft.) X 5 mts (16 ft.) advanced shotblast chamber with automatic angular abrasive recirculation, is used to prepare the product’s surface for coating.

A 14 mts. (45 ft.) X 8 mts. (26 ft.) X 5 mts. (16 ft.) paint cabin capable of converting into three individual booths for different color application, is available for gravity and HVLP wet paint application.


* 6 Fronius TransSteel 5000 Welding machines
* 5 Miller Deltaweld 452 with 70 Series feeder
* 3 Miller Phoenix 456 CC/CV DC inverter 75 Series feeder
* 1 Manual Plasma Cutter Hypertherm Powermax 1000 G3 Series
* 1 30 Tons Hydraulic Press
* 1 Assembly table DEMMELER 118” x 236”
* 7 Modular tables WELDSALES.COM 60” X 96”
* 4 Overhead 10 Ton travelling cranes divided in two bays

Note: Welder use specific manipulators designed and built by STAM.
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A complete task force of Engineers dedicated to analyze, develop, coordinate and build tooling and equipment to manufacture your product using the most dvanced technology and the appropriate resources to keep up with your demand running at the right takt time.


STAM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and registered Company that follows its Quality System and valuates the importance of delivering quality pieces to its customers. World Class customers, continue to recognize STAM's Quality products year after year.

On site product inspections are performed using the most advanced equipment and techniques, CMM machines, FARO arms, performing non destructive testing done by qualified personnel and Gage Maker specialized thread inspection for all Oil and Gas applications.


These include all cutting processes like Band-saw cutting, laser, plasma and oxy-fuel, 150- 350 Ton Press Brakes for plate bending, and a variety of deburring processes including grinding, shotblast and automatic sanding.


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CNC STAM features a wide variety of CNC machinery, CNC lathes, horizontal machining centers and a wide range of vertical machining centers.

For oversized machined parts, STAM offers port bridge double column machines, and a horizontal boring machine.



STAM has top of the line welding equipment that allows its welders to weld faster, generating less spatter, producing weld beads according to customer requirements and having better dimensional control of the welding applied while saving 25% electrical power and most.
* Personnel trained and qualified in Non Destructive Testing Level II according to ASNT TC 1A
* Liquid Penetrant Testing
* Magnetic Particles Testing
* Welders qualified according to AWS D1.1


STAM has personnel with over 25 years of experience in wet paint application using solvent based and water based coatings for carbon steel parts corrosion protection.

A state of the art shot blast 9 mts. X 6 mts. X 5 mts. cabin prepares the steel surface for proper primer coating adhesion and excellent final coating appearance and gloss.

STAM also offers Manganese Phosphate application process for rough rusting conditions.


STAM is a highly exporting Metal Fabrication Company that manufactures parts and products designed by its Global customers like:

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* Components for Construction Vehicles
* Tools and components for the Oil & Gas Industry
* Structures and components for Industrial Equipment
* Mining
* Underground Water Management
* Automotive
* Agriculture and others

STAM is a 100% Mexican Company
founded in 1987.
Manufacturer of original parts and
components for the metalworking industry
Located in the Northern Central part of Mexico, STAM is a private metal fabricating Enterprise integrated by approximately 250 direct and indirect associates.

With top of the line manufacturing equipment, STAM continues to serve the Construction Equipment, Oil & Gas, Water Management, Industrial Machinery and Mining Industries producing parts for a diverse number of Global Companies in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia.
STAM has experienced personnel capable of designing, devolping and building a TURN KEY PROJECT from scratch within a reasonable period of time and at a competitive price.

Highly advanced design software is used to design, modify and update every part of the project by trained colleagues that release their manufacturing abilities to develop the highest efficient manufacturing process.
To become a leading company in METAL FABRICATION AND CNC MACHINING through diversification and exportation of our products.

Being a World Class Company with enterprising people proactively seeking customer satisfaction and grow in their quality of life.